When it comes to foam gutter guards, the idea seems to work in concept. After all, you’re stuffing your gutters with foam so there’s no room for debris to get in, all the while water should pass through easily. Sadly, it’s not quite that simple.

When you install gutter guards, the goal is to cross gutter cleaning off your to-do list for good. With foam gutter guards, that simply isn’t the case. In fact, most foam guard manufacturers still recommend getting your gutters cleaned every six months. 

Keep reading to learn more about how foam gutter guards simply don’t stack up.

Fails To Keep Out Debris

Because foam guards don’t actually seal your gutter system, you’ll still see debris build up. This will lead to more clogs and an even more difficult time cleaning your gutters as you will need to remove the guard each time. These types of gutter guards are hardly what you’d call “maintenance-free.”

Hinders The Flow Of Water

By their very nature, foam gutter guards hinder the free flow of water through your gutter system, which leads to backups and water spilling over the sides. On top of that, seeds and dirt can get trapped and you will actually start growing a garden in your gutter, inhibiting the flow of water even further.

DIY Installation

While there’s value in DIY projects, some jobs are better left to the professionals. Not only is the margin for installation error greater when DIY installing foam gutter guards, you put yourself at risk for injury. Put your ladder back in the garage where it belongs and leave gutter guard installation to the pros.

GutterDome — Your Permanent Solution To Gutter Cleaning

Unlike foam gutter guards, GutterDome’s anodized aluminum frame ensures long-lasting protection. Its unique micro mesh design blocks debris as small as .02 inches and allows water to flow through freely.

Better yet, your purchase is backed by a 30-year iron-clad warranty, so you can rest assured your gutter guard system will protect your home for decades to come. There simply isn’t this level of value anywhere else on the market.

Gutter Logic Is The Logical Choice For Gutter Protection

At Gutter Logic, we install the industry-leading GutterDome system to the highest quality standards, delivering superior customer care every step of the way. Fill out the contact form and a member our team will reach out to you shortly. Thank you for your interest!