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Are Screen Gutter Guards The Answer?

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Are Screen Gutter Guards The Answer?

Protecting the health of your gutters is a vital part of caring for your home. When your gutters get clogged, you risk serious damage to your home’s foundation. This is not even mentioning the risk you put yourself in simply by spending extended periods of time on a ladder cleaning your gutters out. It’s no wonder people are turning to gutter guards to deal with the persistent problem of gutter clogs.

While it may be attractive to simply find a low-cost DIY fix, the simple fact is, you get what you pay for. One popular option, screen gutter guards, offer a quick fix. However, they fail to protect your gutters and even lead to more problems than they claim to solve, wasting time and money in the long run.

Learn more about the perils of screen gutter guards below, as well as how GutterDome gutter guards from Gutter Logic actually provide a long-term solution to gutter cleaning.

Large Holes Allow Debris Through

Gutter screens often have holes that are larger than the debris that it’s trying to keep out! When a gutter system isn’t completely sealed, it’s easy for leaves, twigs, seeds, and large amounts of dirt to get through, eventually leading to clogs. 


They Don’t Last The Long Haul

Screen style gutter guards have weak support and are often composed of cheap plastic or metal materials. As heavy debris starts to build up on top of them, they eventually collapse under the weight. This can lead to major clogging and undue stress on your gutter system!

DIY Installation

When it comes to gutter guard installation, doing it yourself may seem like a cheap and appealing option, but it often comes with more costs and headaches in the long run. Plus, when you have a professional install gutter guards, you cut out the risk of ladder-related injuries.

GutterDome Offers A Permanent Solution To Your Gutter Cleaning Problem

While screen gutter guards may not be the right answer to protect your gutter system — and your entire home — the good news is there is a gutter guard that offers real, long-lasting results. 

When you choose GutterDome gutter guards, you are getting industry-leading protection that is designed to last you for decades to come. GutterDome uses advanced micromesh technology that blocks debris as small as .02 inches from entering your gutter. And thanks to its military-grade extruded aluminum construction — and 30-year iron-clad warranty — you can rest assured you’ll have premium home protection for decades to come.

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